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Metatarsalgia is a catch-all phrase for pain in the forefoot and can be the result of many underlining issues. Most are treated with a proper orthotics and footwear counselling. Forefoot pain is often exaggerated when barefoot or on hard surfaces when suffering with metatarsalgia.

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  • 1Pain in the forefoot
  • 2Increased pain when barefoot
  • 3Pain when wearing high heel shoes

Let Me Treat Your Metatarsalgia

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Karen Westcott, Orthotic technician

Karen Westcott is a Registered Kinesiologist with 4+ years experience working in the health care field. Karen started her career working in a physiotherapy clinic and from there was promoted to Team Leader working in the Seniors Wellness Division. Working in the Seniors Wellness Division opened Karen’s eyes to the importance behind proper footware and nail care. Karen is now working as an Orthotic Technician at both the Hamilton Foot Clinic and the Burlington Foot Clinic.